Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Voyage to Arcturus, David Lindsay

Wikipedia calls Arcturus the “major underground novel of the 20th century” and no less an authority than Yale literary critic Harold Bloom lauds it as one of the finest literary works of any century (a more apt commentary from a less renowned critic notes that the story reads “like the description of a very powerful acid trip”). Such was my inspiration to step into the strange metaphysical mind of Lindsay and through a heavily metaphorical and exceedingly bizarre realm of make-believe, contemplate good and evil and their relationship with existence.

It should make for heady reading but chances are that the laconic writing, nonsensical plot and the endless unexplained mysteries will leave you disappointed, frustrated at a journey that fails to provide the resources even the most patient reader expects from a two-hundred plus page text.

Mama Huhu or Horses and Tigers

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