Friday, March 7, 2008


Twas back in the fall of 2007, when I asked friends to recommend favorite books and with their suggestions in hand, set forth to re-engage myself in the realm of reading. Reading can be a solitary journey, however, and so this site is designed to both encourage me to continue forward as well as share my own perspective on the titles I cover. I have thrown together a few easy categories to convey my judgment of a particular read. While some titles will surely qualify as "Avoid at all cost," the goal is to invest my time and yours in reads that will set you off on your own storied journeys.

This here tag means by whatever means necessary and as quick as you can, read this book. It is a for sure life changer, no matter if or how you'd prefer to be changed. The few, the proud, the unforgettable.

If its good and it knows it, you'd be a fool not to read this story. Whatever it is about, you will almost certainly want to clap your hands many a time. That is, this book is one for the ages.

These here have their flaws but no matter. For nearly anyone they are highly advised reads, and for those who believe, these books are your bread and butter.

Mama Huhu or Horses and Tigers

Chances are you have never had the occasion to use that most remarkable of Chinese salutations "Mama Huhu." If you have, chances are you did not realize the literal meaning "Horses and Tigers." But the understood meaning- "so-so," "just ok"- captures these middling reads, stories that could've, should've, would've but to everyone's collective loss, fell short.

When you have to say what should be obvious, there is a lot to be said for doing so quickly and efficiently. Sure it can be awkward but if you ignore the warning and read these books, you'll either regret it or prove that you and I can, thankfully, appreciate the world very differently.

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